End of Course/Term Group Activities Adventure Break

Camping - Camps in Cazorla

Thousands of children have participated in and thoroughly enjoyed the unique experience we have created to provide them with an outstanding enduring memory of their time in Puente de La Herrerias and Sierra de Cazorla
Our objective is to create an unforgettable experience through the provision of outstanding facilities in attractive surroundings and environment with endless possibilities, both on and off site, for learning and sharing new experiences relating to nature, culture, leisure and different style sports.
Our committed professional, qualified and specialist instructor team who, while facilitating the training aspects of the activities, will also, to improve team and individual performance and enjoyment, act as motivators and/or team builders to boost morale, and always encourage a positive sense of spirit among all participants, often difficult to achieve on the traditional holiday break
We offer a comprehensive service, which provides accommodation, full board, instructors, activities, evening and nocturnal entertainment, etc, allowing the accompanying teachers to simply be the group’s companions and friends and not have to worry about anything.

Multi-Adventure Activities

If you visit to Cazorla with children, or you are actively searching for a campsite that offers something totally different, here, at Puente de Las Herrerías we guarantee, for all ages, an exciting, friendly, fun environment with a totally free full range of facilities, activities and entertainment including multi-adventure sports with hiking, trekking and nature walks also available through The Sierra de Cazorla.


Balance and dexterity are the keys to successfully completing our high level rope walks and Tibetan bridges circuit in the trees.

From each high platform, you are able to recognise our way forward through the treeline and wonder with awe at the grandeur of nature beneath you.

Trekking, Hiking and Canyoning

The route may also include canyoning through the spectacular Las Buitreras Canyon, the refuge and home to vast flocks of Griffon Vultures which can be seen overhead as you tackle the canyon – You never know, one may fly down to greet you and encourage you on your way!!!!

Rock Climbing

Self-improvement and strength go hand in hand in this activity.

Up a natural rock face, with only the stone and wind as companions, you experience the thrill of climbing to the heights with your mind and body both uniting in relishing the challenge

Zip Line/Rope Slide

With our harness and our helmet as our only allies, we will glide over a cable more than 80 meters long thrilling at the experience of flying like a bird.

Archery and Cyclocars

Your eye to hand dexterity required in archery allied to the driving skills needed for cyclocars can be fully explored using teamwork and healthy competitiveness as fundamental tools.

Tibetan Bridges

Your psychomotor skills will be tested to the full at each crossing of our Tibetan bridges, our ancestors’ original and traditional structure to cross mountains and rivers.

You will marvel at the experience of such an adventure and odyssey.